Please complete below application for Weisz Properties, LLC.  Once completed, our office will contact you regarding additional information not able to be submitted online as well as how to proceed with the application process. Please be advised there is a $35 application processing due for each leaseholder over age 18.  If you are applying with more than one leaseholder please have each complete separate applications.  If you should have any additional questions please contact our office directly. Thank you for choosing Weisz Properties, LLC!

By submitting this application, it becomes part of applicant's lease, if approved.  Applicants understand that the giving of false information may, at Landlord's option, constitute a breach, thereby voiding any subsequent lease.  Applicants authorize Weisz Properties, LLC to verify all references, including the credit bureau, the Registry or any other data base organization for a credit report, housing history report, and criminal background check. If applicant is approved, a security deposit is required immediately to hold the apartment.  Applicants understand that if they are approved, pay security deposit and withdraw application after 48 hours, an administrative fee of $250.00 will be withheld. 


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